April 4, 2008

Loving It

I am a blogging zygote; and I am pretty new to this whole writing thing in general. Unless you count the vast number of what I consider gut busting emails to friends, and some ex- friends, (you know who you are), that have largely gone unanswered. Not everybody gets me, although some have said, I just don’t get it. I have always thought that my life would be so much better if I were just a little smarter, or just a little dumber. If I were a little smarter I could figure things out faster; I could figure people out or at least how to work around them. If I were a little dumber I wouldn’t care so much and I might even be a little cuter. There just aren’t that many knock out rocket surgeons.

But I solider on!

Besides I am loving, say loving in an Adam Sandler operatic voice, LOVING writing daily. I don’t actually feel like a real writer yet, after all would a real writer get excited about a rejection letter just because it came from New York City. I can’t help it; how often do you get letters from a real person in New York City, let alone letters from real agents and publishers. The day I get anything but a rejection from New York City I am sure I will pee my pants. This also happens when I sneeze but I have started doing Kegels in my cubical at work to combat that.

I have been writing children’s book and short stories, mostly of a memoir varietal. Years of TV abuse have left me with the attention span of a head of lettuce, but I can still bang out a short story. I am also working on a memoir/ screen play where I would very much like for Queen Latifah to play me. We have some things common and I really like her. (We are both, shall we say, voluptuous, and smokin hot.) And now, Wayne and I have started a blog. I hope you enjoy my entries, even if you don’t always get them. If not read Wayne’s stuff; he is way smarter than me, but not nearly as cute.

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