April 12, 2008

Nothing in the new releases you want to see?

Have you seen everything in the new releases you care to see? Do you need suggestions for your wish list? From time to time I will be reviewing older movies that are on my favorites list. And sometimes a heads up from my trash list. This week's pic is defiantly one of my favorites.

Connie and Carla (2004)

…..you had me at Oklahoma!

If you don’t love this movie… SHUT UP, because the sound of your voice is giving me mono.

I love this movie. As a wanna-be torch singer and victim of unrequited Drag Queen love, I could relate to this story on so many levels. And though I am not Greek, I did have a big fat wedding so I was already a Nia Vardalos fan.

Connie and Carla is: a buddy movie, a romantic comedy, a chase movie, a gangster movie, a social commentary on self acceptance, a tale of family drama, and a Victor/Victoria type musical all rolled into one. Gawd, I adored it Mary.

Nia Vardalos, as Connie and Toni Collette as Carla; sing, dance a little and are funny, endearing and totally believable as life long best friends who get into more than they bargained for. They stick together to the end and make their dreams come true along the way.

From the brilliantly written hilarious opening scene, (thank you Nia), through the great dialog, the extremely well done musical numbers, featuring Nia and Toni in fabulous costumes, this movie honors all that is holy in classic musicals and drag shows. Including a cameo from The Miss Debbie Reynolds, singing a far too short number, dinner theater performances, Drag Queens and boob glitter galore.

The romantic comedy portion is handled by David Duchovny, who delivers a good performance as the love interest of……not gonna tell ya. In one scene after kissing one of the girls or boys or girl boys, he plays an old time site gag to the hilt. There is no Mulder in the movie; he is pretty fun to watch.

The supporting cast made me cry with joy, and ache with envy. I could have been a drag queen, I know I could have, is it too late for me Mary? (Per the Connie and Carla website, my drag name is Cherry Poppadopolus, you may call me MS. Cherry if you’re nasty). Best friends Peaches and his partner N’cream, played by Tony Award winner; Stephen Spinella and Alec Mapa were perfectly cast as the side kicks, who can chorus kick BTW.

Michael Lembeck directs and the soundtrack is to die for, so unless you’ve got something against laughing, singing and boob glitter, go rent this movie or I’ll punch you in the throat.

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