April 14, 2008

Will Work For Cookies If I Have To

I HAAAAAATTTE punching the clock. I know I should shut up, I mean really shut up. I sit on my ass in a nice cubicle with plants and family pictures, in an expensive chair that adjusts 10 different ways, lifting nothing heavier than my headset. The building is beautiful, there is a FREE gym, big screen TVs in the cafeteria, and the bathrooms that have real doors and walls around the stalls.

So what’s my flippin problem? My mother raised 5 kids and waited table in an Italian restaurant. My grandmother raised 12 kids without a washer, dryer, dishwasher, car, air-conditioning, or TV! My husband works 10 hour days in a stressful job, I don’t even have a cat, and I can’t drag myself to my cubical to drink diet coke and surf the net between calls? What the hell is my damage Heather?

I have got some sort of self-destructive thing about being somewhere when someone else says I am supposed to be there. I think I would play hooky from an appointment to receive free cookies for life just because I don’t like to get nailed down to a certain time, and how dare they expect me to show up for cookies on their time table when really they are just using me anyway, and do they really think they can expect me to show up when they say to be there when I know damn well they gave other people with less qualifications and experience than me more freakin free cookies for life.

Ok, well obviously I have some issues.

It’s not that I am lazy, really, ask anybody. I can work like a Clydesdale when properly motivated by things that interest me. I have spent 12 hours at time at the computer writing stuff I will never get paid for.

And I know what it is to work in a physically demanding job for way less pay than some cubicles. I know what it is to not have insurance, or to not have gas money to get to work. So what is my problem, why do I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a job a lot of people would be glad to have? (This is not the first time this has happened so we can’t blame my current company.)

I don’t know, but I will go tomorrow.

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