May 13, 2008

Big and Thick

I can't believe the size of my husband’s, oh what's the word for it... his thing-a-majig. Whatever, I will think of the word for it later. It's so big and thick I can hardly get my hands around it. He said I could use it because I don’t have one, but that I have to be careful with it. Sometimes I can be a little clumsy.

I have been envious of his for years, and sometimes I really need one. When I am desperate and I am at a complete loss for words he lets me use his and a whole new, a whole new….oh, I can’t say what I’m trying to say. It just makes stuff good when he lets me look at it. I better go get it so I can finish this post……….

Mercifully, I am relieved of my anguish. All thanks to my beloved matrimonial cohort and his plethora of apparatus. His generosity is unprecedented among the modern homo-sapiens, especially those dwelling in an urban setting. Endless waves of gratitude egress from my corporeal frame and ratiocination. The tension has been abated!

With great fervor it is my counsel, that if either you or your paramour are sans the most recent lexicon, you obtain one post haste. You need not fret about having one of immense proportions until you become more familiar with its use.

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