May 3, 2008

My Writing Space

Inspired by other writers who have shared their space, I decide to share my little work area.

The gazing ball and book, "Diamond In The Window", are from my husband, who fully supports my writing including my efforts in the genre of children’s books. In many ways it takes much more skill to write a good children’s book. I don’t know if I will get there, but I love that he encourages me to try. Also pictured but hard to see is Stephen King’s "On Writing", Wayne gave me this book when we first started dating. Back then I did a lot more talking about writing than writing. Thanks for encouraging me to shut up Wayne, I love you.

The candles are from my newest girlfriend. I love to light candles or incense when I sit down to write. I also like to have a fresh HOT cup of something; flavored coffee or black tea. If it’s a good day, the cup will sit untouched while I click away. If I am working on two or three cups, I know I need to hang it up and vacuum or mow the lawn.

The bookends are from one of my oldest girlfriends. (In reference to the length of time I have know her of course.) I think we were living in our second apartment together when she gave me these. We had begun to move away from black lights and beer and were beginning our books and wine phase; which is still in progress. Back then wine meant Sutter Home White Zinfandel but it was a step in the right direction.

The Writer’s Brief Handbook, was acquired during my brief stink at Columbus State Community College. There I was called by one Mrs. Diane Kinser, a writer. She was the first teacher to ever call me anything but late for class. I'll never forgot it Mrs. Kinser and one day you may see my name in print.

The dictionary from a yard sale and the how to books from Half Priced books or such; I could really use a thesaurus. The rest of the office/guest room/ storage unit is kinda messy, but I absolutely adore looking out my window or through my gazing ball and seeing my blooming Hibiscus and evergreen yard. So there you have it if you care to know, my little work area that I love.


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