May 23, 2008

Riding Roller Coasters in Sacramento

I’m sorry for the lack of a non-new review this week. I have been on 5 day long roller coaster ride in Sacramento, CA. The only movie I saw in the hotel was Evan Almighty and it’s just not worth the ink; even though we’re not using ink. So this Thursday instead of reviewing an old movie, I will review the last 5 days in Sacramento, the things that led up to us being here, and a ponderence of what might happen next.

Long story short; we might move to Sacramento. Back story; Wayne is up for a promotion that would take us here. He really wants and deserves the promotion. He has worked so hard, out shined some people who are supposed to be above him, won the praise of people way above everybody else, (Speaking in the chain of command sense) and has the support of his current boss and peers in his quest to move up. Wendy is a scared little brat who doesn’t like change and is afraid to move away from home, wahh-wahh.

Back story on Wendy’s back story; Wendy, aka me, lived on the same side of the same town till she was 37 years old. In a leap of faith unprecedented in my life, I left that town and moved 1000 miles away with Wayne after having only known him for 6 months, 3 of which he was on the road. Sometimes you just know when it’s right. I am never clear on anything; I will change my mind before the end of a sentence and have to start over. To date, Wayne is the only thing I have never changed my mind about. I knew it was him, and he knew it was me, so I packed up my station wagon, sold everything else and went with him. No regrets!

I have never loved the town we live in now, yet with the possible opportunity pending to move near the other coast, I am so saddened and scared and then excited and full of adventure, then scared, then excited. Roller coasters of the emotional variety are worse because they are not over in 4 minutes. Speaking of roller coasters, I am typing this on a plane during turbulence, just one more thing I am afraid of. F.M.R.

I really wouldn’t miss our little town, I don’t have lifelong friends here and the climate is not my favorite. I guess I could even learn to live without our house, but it would be hard. It’s my first house, we had it built together and I hate the thought of someone else having it. But it’s my trees that I weep for when I think of leaving. Yes, including my lemon tree. I have never planted trees before. In apartments you plant annuals.

Seriously we are past the age where we can plant young trees and wait. I mean we can still buy green bananas with relative certainty, but saplings, not so much. And my bushes that were less than a foot tall when we planted them are now huge. I love everything we have done to this house, and that we have done it together.

And then there’s family. I am already 1000 miles from them; Sacramento would be 2500 miles from them. 100 to 500 miles is good distance for family. Too far for the drop in and not so far if you need help. My family would drive you crazy but they will come if you need help. I hate the thought of seeing even less of them.

But then the ride goes up, and I think of the great time I would have taking them around California. My Mom is getting careful with her bananas, so now is the time to take her on an adventure. Wouldn’t it be better than Christmas if I could take my Mom to meet Pat Sajac? And I know Wayne has got a little thing for Vanna.

I would love to take the whole family on a CA tour, but plane tickets are not cheap and vacations often get used up for other things. And so the mental ride goes down with practical thoughts. Up down, up down, I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. I guess I am ready to get a forever house, and though I don't think it is the one we are in, I also don't think I want it to be in California.

So, it has been 5 days of ups and downs. I loved Sacramento, hated how far away it is. I loved seeing Lake Tahoe, and getting to visit Napa again. Hated the huge dough we had to drop. I loved the idea of the adventure we could have had and I hated the idea of leaving comfortable and familiar behind. Roller Coasters suck.

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