May 15, 2008

Naughty, but not in the New Releases

OH that’s it, now turn the page, turn another page, OH! I love you! Oh God, I didn’t mean it and you’re a bastard for making me say it. I take it back. You don’t have to read anymore if you don’t want to, it’s just a casual thing, a quick read and then piss off, no harm done. But before you go why not have a look at this Thursday’s non-new review, Better Than Sex. Watching it almost is.

Better Than Sex (2000)

In three days can you fall in love, break up, get back together, say good bye and still keep it casual? They meet at a party, mutually decide on a one night stand, luckily somebody had a condom, and go back to her place for what turns out to be three days that might last a life time.

Filmed mostly in Sydney this movie was written and directed by Australian film maker Jonathan Teplitzky. It stars
Susie Porter as Cin, a delightfully freckled single gal who just wants some sex. After all he’s leaving in three days, what harm could be done. David Wenham scrumptiously portrays man-hair laden Josh. A single guy (maybe) with atrocious bathroom habits who also just wants some sex. After all he’s leaving in three days what harm could be done.

Neither of these actors are well known in the U.S., but they are both very engaging, adorable to look at, yet not unbelievably good looking, and you feel comfortable with them right away. Their accents are at times a bit hard to understand but the language of love is universal.

And speaking of sex; this movie has plenty of it, along with nakediness, great dialog, sex, outstanding cinematography, with some photography thrown in, sex, nakediness, romance, comedy that is nice and dry and sex that is decidedly not dry. But what is great about this movie, is that you get all that sex and nakediness without pornography or fakey soap opera lighting, candles and spray tan.

On their 1st day together Cin shouts out in the heat of passion, “I love you” Could she love him already? After having sex, AGAIN, Josh takes his leave only to find it harder to go than he thought. Their would-be romance is helped along by a guardian angel in the guise of a taxi driver, Angelica Huston look-a-like Kris McQuade. After a fight is sparked by Cid’s nasty, slutty friend; Josh storms out of Cid’s apartment only to be refused a ride from the benevolent
hack. Will he go back?

You’ll be going back for more. This weekend rent Better Than Sex, and if you don’t have anyone to watch it with get your vibrator out of the fridge and have a go then, right no worries.

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