May 29, 2008

Don't Give Up, Get Naked

When things are dodgy, and you owe maintenance, toss off your kit and show the rest of them chuffers your lunchbox. (When the going gets tough, the tough get naked.)

Well it’s Thursday now isn’t it? And as you well know on Thursdays I have a look at films what ain’t as new as some of what the other nutters out there looks at, but that don’t make em scrap. Right then, unless you’re a pigeon-chested tosser, let us have a look at this week’s pic, I reck I clocked it as a good one.

The Full Monty (1997)

Here’s a heads up ya bugger, if it’s your first time watching I’d wager a quid it will all sound like malarkey to you, so turn on the closed caption or visit the
website first, for a look at the meaning of what these cheeky bastards are saying.

Ok, so here’s the thing; our man Gaz along with his best mate Dave and most of the men in the town of
Sheffield, including their old foreman, have been laid off from the steel mills and are on the dole. Thanks to Gaz’s ex, his kid looks at him like he’s a beggar and Gaz has got to raise some quid or lose the kid. Dave can’t raise anything, if you get my meaning, and his wife is having an eppy about it. Our foreman, Gerald, has to be taken down a peg, but it turns out to be the blokes that prop him and possibly Dave’s widger back up.

After seeing what he calls a lot of woofters, (Chippendale’s dancers), Gaz gets the idea that him and a few of his lads could earn some money dancing. But in order to piqué the interest of the town lasses they will need to show the full Monty. Meaning, six Job Club blokes will have to dance around like benders, pull off their kegs and show their tackle in order to get back their self-respect. Now that takes bollocks.

A fine bit of acting was done by all really, with much praise going to Robert Carlyle who plays Gaz. When his boy Nathan, played by William Snape, lets on like he don’t want to be with Gaz, Carlyle delivers such a pained look your heart will break and you’ll know what a sodder it must have been to live with his ex. It is no wonder Gaz thinks women are taking over the world, as evidenced by the way they piss.

Our fat bastard Dave, Mark Addy, is anything but and the rest of the lads are right chums as well. (Mark was later on Still Standing, and American TV show.) For a look at what the town looks like now there is the unofficial website, MONTYMANIA.

I really liked this movie, despite its not living up to its name, but then I liked Pretty Woman, and it didn’t live up to its name either, (unless they meant Richard Gere). So have a look mate, you might like it too.

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